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Tailor Made Solutions for Transport and Infrastructure Industries

Infomost Consulting provides specialized consulting services to customers with transportation-related interests. The transportation sector is one area of expertise in which Infomost Consulting assists meeting strategic goals, business development, operations improvement, and problem resolution in public affairs for their customers. Those services are offered to a wide range of customers, such as government offices, airlines, airports, airport management firms, service providers; aircraft manufacturers and commercial aviation.

Infomost Consulting offers an experienced international team providing tailor made solutions for each client. Our aviation and infrastructure experts have a commitment to quality and client satisfaction. We bridge the different philosophies and cultures existing in the field of transportation. It includes as well the analysis and problem solving processes in soft skills such as human resources management and training. Next >>

  • Aerospace: Emerging Markets Business Development.
  • Aerospace Start-ups.
  • Civil Aviation Regulatory Compliance.
  • Airline Business Development.
  • Airport Management and Assessments.
  • Feasibility Studies and Decision Support.
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.
  • Management Consulting.
  • Public Affairs.
  • Flight Safety Management.
  • Valuation.

The Infomost Consulting team includes former airline executives and Government officials, maintenance and operations specialists, air transport and financial analysts, along with other aviation experts offering independent and highly objective analysis and guidance to numerous clients from Russia, US, European Union and Asia.